Deciding where to settle and raise your family is a big decision to make. Both the city lifestyle and living in a Brisbane suburb have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing which is better for your family can be difficult. It is best to consider all the factors, including the ideal home size for your family, your workplace, your children’s needs, and property values.

Benefits of Living in the Suburbs

Most Brisbane suburbs are designed to benefit young families, first time homebuyers, and the elderly. The suburban area also offers great employment and business opportunities. It is also within easy commuting distance and accessible from the city, but far enough to offer a more tranquil lifestyle. Here are ten of the most significant advantages of living in the suburbs;


Homes are cheaper

Homes are generally more affordable in the suburbs compared to similar properties in the city. Families can own a home faster and for less in the suburbs. The lower cost of housing affords families a better lifestyle, save up for other investments, or bigger homes.


Privacy and personal space

Houses are bigger, yards are larger, even average suburb apartment’s square footage are higher than that of the city. You can put up a fence, take in as many dogs you want, or play your favourite music 24/7 without getting a complaint. Living in the suburbs affords you the peace and quiet, the private space, and a lot more breathing space.


Lower cost of living

Parking is next to nothing. Food and services are cheaper in the suburbs. The wide outdoors also offer endless free or low costing activities and entertainment options.


Friendlier neighbourhoods

Suburb communities are designed for families and to develop closer relationships. Nobody is a stranger, people know each other by name. Neighbours genuinely know and care for each other. Children go to school, go on hikes, play in the parks, and develop lifetime friendships with their neighbours.


Lower population density

Most suburbs in Brisbane have a medium to low population density compared to the CBD and the neighbourhoods immediately close to the area. Fewer people living in the same area means more living spaces, improved privacy, less stress, and more peace and quiet.


Family friendly amenities

The best schools, healthcare facilities, parks, and day care centres are in the suburbs. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and within easy access for families. Facilities in the burbs also tend to be less crowded than those in the city.


Less pollution

Less exhaust fumes, glaring lights, and off-putting noise. Pollution is nearly impossible to avoid living in the city. Moving to the suburbs will instantly free you of it. Instead, you’ll get more fresh air, less smog, clearer skies, peaceful evenings, and less stress.


More options for outdoor activities

Most Brisbane suburbs offer the idyllic Australian outdoor lifestyle. With more open areas, sports facilities, walk and cycle trails, barbeque and picnic groves, lakes and swimming nooks, suburban residents have more options, and reasons to enjoy a wholesome outdoor life.


Option for a green lifestyle

The suburbs better supports the self-sustained lifestyle. It is easier to recycle, use green fuel, and minimise one’s carbon footprint in the suburb. Gardening, raising your own food, and other environment friendly undertakings are great money savers. You also get to enjoy the freshest produce!


Bigger homes

The average houses and apartments in Brisbane suburbs are a lot bigger compared to comparable homes in the city. This means more rooms for the family, space for all your stuff, bigger backyards, your own swimming pool, or a garden.

Happy Family Having Fun Outside In Park