15 Smart Space Management Tips for Family Apartments


Most of the newer Brisbane apartments are bigger in sizes and have more rooms than the usual. Family apartments in Sherwood usually have three bedrooms and more than enough space for the entire family to live comfortably. However, space is still a premium in apartment living. Building out extensions are not an option; you will only have to manage what space you have. Here are some tips to better manage apartment space.

1. Embrace minimalism


The minimalist style requires the least decorations, thus leaving plenty of free space. The clean lines, neutral colours and streamlined design give the illusion of space, making your apartment look bigger that it is.

2. Have fun with colours


Children love fun and bright colours. Decorate with colours, especially in their bedrooms and other areas dedicated for their use. It is a fun idea to let your child help in choosing the shades and designs.

3. Maximise natural lighting


Letting in natural light will not only save you dollars, it will also make your apartment look bigger. Clear up your windows and prefer light and gauzy curtains to thick and heavy drapes.

4. Avoid excessive shopping


Think twice before buying anything – toys, furniture, appliance, shoes, books or that extra box of cereals. Too much stuff in the house will naturally create clutter. As much as possible, limit acquisitions to your immediate needs.

5. Invest on multi-purpose furniture


Invest in well-designed and multi-purpose furniture like a sofa-bed, bench-storage or a centre table-desk. Save on space, not the efficiency nor the style of your home.

6. Think vertical


Use as much vertical space as you can. Double deck beds, floor to ceiling cabinets or shelves. The space is there, use it up to organise and take things off the floor.

7. Go light


Opt for lighter shades for your walls and overall schemes. Light colours reflect light and make the room look brighter and bigger. Go for light neutrals for common rooms like kitchen, living room and dining room. Light pastels are big favourites for kids’ bedrooms.

8. Downsize everything


Go small as much as you can. Pick the smaller version of everything – bed, bookcase, tables, sofas, washer and dryer machines. They would function just as well; you will just save on space.

9. Invest in sofa protectors


Kids will be kids, with their grubby faces, sticky hands and dirty feet. And the pets. Protect your sofa from stains and dirt with washable covers or throw blankets. And while you’re at it, choose a nice looking one.

10. Adopt the open floor plan


Open floor plans eliminate most of the inner walls, creating one big room, giving the illusion of bigger space. Dedicated areas are creatively marked and divided by half room dividers, carpeting or shelving.

11. Give everyone a personal space


Assign everyone a personal space, and let it be a rule not to intrude and to respect somebody else’s space. It could be the home office for you, the kitchen desk for your spouse, and their respective bedrooms for the children. Having their own space will minimise clutter and things getting lost.

12. Use walls for extra storage


Don’t let that ample wall space go to waste. Walls offer ample vertical space for storage. You can build floor to ceiling cabinets or shelves, install bars and hangers and hang baskets.

13. Showcase your kids’ artwork


Skip buying pictures and artworks. With the right framing and presentation, you can use your kids’ artwork to decorate your space. Displaying their work will encourage children. You also cut the clutter.

14. Have a school zone


Much of the bulk of clutter and things found in a family home are school stuff. Books, bags, projects, notebooks, papers and a wild assortment of scissors, rulers, pens, crayons and other supplies. Minimise the clutter by putting them in one place.

15. Dedicate a nook for play


Stepping on a Lego piece is not fun. How about falling over a ball? Aside from the untidiness, cluttered toys can also be hazardous. By dedicating a play nook, you are also minimising the clutter. It is also wise to provide accessible toy storage and training your kids to tidy up after playing.

Newly built apartments in Sherwood are designed for the family’s specific needs. The designs are contemporary and the layout efficient. Sherwood is one of the top suburbs of Brisbane. Because of its laidback atmosphere and child-friendly community, young and growing families prefer the area. The premium real estate price tags proved to be a challenge for young families to buy their home the suburb. The emergence of the modern and more affordable apartments gave them the chance to come and live in Sherwood.