7 Benefits of Investing in Apartments

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Brisbane apartments are popular property investments. The surge of Brisbane population in the recent years fuelled the real estate market and property developments. New developments are no longer exclusive to the CBD and city hubs. Neighbouring communities like Sherwood and Mount Gravatt East are suburban communities that are perfect for a residential apartment. Sherwood is near enough the CBD for a quick commute, but far enough from the city bustle.

Whether you are buying your first home or looking for a real estate investment that will offer extra income, Brisbane apartments are viable options. Here are some of the benefits of investing in apartments;

1. Popular rental option

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If you’re planning on renting out your property investment, an apartment would be your best option. Renters are looking for homes that are centrally located, easy to manage and just the right size. While a house with spacious backyard might appeal to families with kids and pets, an apartment in Sherwood will offer the same benefits of a home, plus the advantages of apartment living.

2. Access to great amenities

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Most apartments in Brisbane come with several amenities for its residents to enjoy. Indoor pools, spa, gym, ball courts and children’s playroom are some of the most popular amenities. These added features add value to the property – attracting renters and possible buyers. Residents get to enjoy them without spending a lot for its installation.

3. Easy to manage

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Apartments are easy-to-manage properties. No yard work, roof maintenance or outdoor repainting are required of the owners. Everything is taken care of the building administration who is tasked to manage and maintain the property. Owners will just need to pay a monthly fee to cover the shared maintenance costs.

4. Prime location

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Apartment buildings are centrally located, making them the most sought-after addresses. Being near businesses, key facilities and entertainment centres is attractive to would-be renters or buyers. Properties in locations have the fastest appreciation rates, as they are the least likely for fall in value.

5. Cheaper than landed homes

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Apartments are the popular first home option because of its affordability. Compared land and home packages, apartments in Sherwood are more affordable. The compact and more efficient home designs provide all the needs without the fluff and extra costs.

6. Excellent building structures

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Buyers and investors can be assured of the top-quality construction of apartment buildings. Apartment builders and developers are strictly regulated and subject to government building rules and regulations. Plans are reviewed, materials evaluated and construction work strictly monitored and regularly reviewed for flaws and other irregularities.

7. Multiple investment options

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There are many ways to make your apartment investment earn you money. First, you can buy an apartment off the plan to get premium prices and sell it off once it’s ready for occupancy, at a much higher price. Second, you can rent out your apartment for a regular and additional cash inflow. Third, you can occupy your apartment in Sherwood and sell if off when you need the money or when a good opportunity to earn a profit comes.

There are also downsides to investing in apartments. Just like any business deal, certain risk factors should be learned, reviewed and examined before signing the contract. Your best defence against risks like devaluation and vacancy is knowing the market, learning about investment properties, and buying only the best apartments and in the best locations. Apartments in Sherwood are designed for people who value the idyllic suburban setting while needing the convenience of apartment living. Large, roomy, and well-designed units fit growing families, empty-nesters and even lone wolves.