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Have you ever thought about all the ways your decisions shape your lifestyle? About how so much of your day is within your control? When you stop to consider your role in constructing your life, it can motivate you to make decisions that bring it closer to what you would consider ideal.

The home you live in has a significant influence on the quality of your lifestyle – how it’s set out, where it’s located, how it has been built, and how much freedom it allows you. Many homes are built with one area of life in mind, be it great location OR great design OR great living options. What if you could have it all?

Luxury Sherwood apartments | Primrose35

At the new Primrose35 apartments, you are comprehensively set up to have a superb quality of life in luxury surrounds. To begin with, you are in the heart of one of Brisbane’s true blue-chip Suburbs: Sherwood. Green, leafy streets are synonymous with this suburb. It is a guaranteed charmer, with its beautifully renovated homes, heritage-listed parklands and relaxed village atmosphere. What’s more, it’s just 8kms from the city, placing you conveniently close to the heart of Brisbane, but not too close so you are still in relaxed suburbia. Furthermore, getting around is no problem! You’re walking distance to shops, trains and buses, so it’s always simple to get out and go.

Your home should enable you to live a life you love, and a beautifully designed home enhances your experience of every day. Each of the 13 Primrose35 apartments has been architecturally-designed by Mayhill Urban Planning and Architecture. Mayhill are superb local architects who ensure every detail is created to enrich the lives of residents. All living areas are generous and filled with natural light, while custom joinery in the kitchen, luxurious floor coverings throughout, and ducted air conditioning add to your comfort and wellbeing. Large, airy balconies add an extra room to the apartments from which to enjoy the view and outdoor living. The bathrooms at Primrose35 are modern, spacious, and full of natural light. Floor to ceiling tiles, luxury fittings, and generous storage all create an idyllic, sophisticated space to enjoy time and again.

Not only is each apartment in Primrose35 a joy to live in, but they’re also designed to be low maintenance. Enjoy an unencumbered lifestyle where your home is built to look after you, and merely a light hand is needed for upkeep. You can travel for extended periods and experience a stress-free homecoming – no overgrown garden to worry about!

These are apartments that nurture freedom and flexibility, placing the power firmly in your hands to choose an idyllic lifestyle. If you’re interested in viewing the floor plans of the apartments, booking a tour of 35 Primrose St, or finding out more about Primrose35, contact Patrick Hunt from Indigo Building Group on 0400 332 274 or patrick@indigobuildinggroup.com.au