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Brisbane apartments are great investments. Apartments are more affordable, centrally located and easy-to-manage properties. For these reasons first time home buyers and property investors prefer apartments. But is it better to buy older, more established pre-owned Brisbane apartment units? Or are the modern units in new buildings the better choice? The suburban apartments in Sherwood offer another choice.

Buying Pre-Owned Apartments


Pre-owned apartments in well-established buildings are prime properties. They are often centrally located, in the city hub. If the location is good and if the building is structurally sound and classically designed, the property value is likely to increase over time. A lot of investors and home buyers are looking for the charm and character of older buildings. However, these properties are most sought-after, thus are also expensive.


On the other hand, pre-owned apartments in not-so-ideal neighbourhoods can go cheaper than new units. This is also true of apartment units in older, not-so-shiny or out-of-style buildings. Because of the crumbling building and the less-than-perfect surroundings, the value of the property will decrease over time. Maintenance costs in older buildings are also higher.

Apartment units are integral to the building and its value is largely attributed to the building itself. Unlike landed properties where investors can renovate or rebuild, apartments are fixed. In terms of improvement, you can only go as far as getting a new coat of paint, new cabinets, floor tiles or kitchen. Major structural changes are not allowed.


Older apartments built decades ago are most likely lacking on modern amenities common to newer homes, apartments and in Sherwood apartments. Business centres, internet connection, home office integration, modern installations and state-of-the-art security features are often lacking in older buildings.

Buying New Apartments


There are two options in buying new apartments in Brisbane – ready units and off-plan. Ready units are newly completed apartments ready for occupancy. The off-plan apartment buying scheme is buying apartments still in pre-construction or construction stage. The buyer must wait for its completion.

Apartment units in new buildings are modern, new and pristine. Buyers are naturally drawn to the newer, more modern and shiny buildings. Buildings can be in the city centre, on the outskirts or in the nearby suburban communities.


Buyers can choose their preferred address depending on their needs. Yuppies might prefer inner city apartments or those in the trendier neighbourhoods in the outskirts of the city. While young families with growing children would prefer apartments near schools and in the more tranquil suburban atmosphere. Tenants are more attracted to newer buildings; thus, new apartments are better for investors.

Amenities and facilities of new apartment buildings are better, modern and the latest in technology. Recently built buildings are also designed to the needs of today and feature the latest trends in daily living needs and comfort. Repairs and maintenance costs are lower in new buildings compared to its older counterparts.

Buying New Apartments in Sherwood


Suburban apartment living is the newest addition to the affordable, comfortable and smart home options. It offers the perfect solution to people who wants easy-to-manage housing, affordable and in great convenient location. Sherwood is ideally located. It is also one of the most idyllic and charming Brisbane neighbourhoods. It is far enough from the noise of the city, yet near enough for quick and easy commuting. Sherwood apartments offer state-of-the-art living in the best environs.