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Moments of luxury can happen anywhere. It can be the touch of silk of a favourite piece of clothing. It can be the gloss on a perfectly crafted petit four. It can be the impeccable service from a waiter at your local café. The thing that ties together all moments of luxury is that they serve their purpose to elevated standards. When you can string together these moments, you are able to live a life of luxury, and selecting a home that has been designed to the highest standards immediately elevates your overall quality of life.

Primrose35 is Sherwood’s newest opulent property, offering 12 magnificent apartments and one glorious penthouse. The creators of this property, Indigo Building Group, have made their reputation on building luxury, high-quality apartments, and Primrose35 is an outstanding achievement of this mission.

Designed by Mayhill Urban Planning and Architecture, every detail is created to add positively to the built environment in unique ways. Every interior and exterior detail has been precisely finished with craftsmanship ensured to last. It is truly a visually enviable address.
The design effortlessly connects each apartment to their desirable Sherwood neighbourhood with spacious floor plans and generous balconies welcoming natural light and fresh breezes to uplift your days.

Boutique Sherwood Apartments for Sale | Primrose35

Throughout each apartment, you will find lush elements that radiate warmth and luxury. The heart of your home is where you spend the most time; where lives intersect and gather to begin and end each day. The extraordinary quality of each space is highlighted by the inclusion of European appliances and custom-designed joinery. The main living room features rectified vitrified tile, chosen for their strength, stain-resistance, and beauty.

Boutique Sherwood Apartments for Sale | Primrose35

A life of luxury is deeply experienced in the home, and particularly in your bedroom. Imagine immersing yourself in the wellbeing only a superbly designed space can provide. All-embracing, deep relaxation is facilitated by the fully ducted air-conditioning system and the lush floor coverings.

Boutique Sherwood Apartments for Sale | Primrose35

Take the time to unwind in your peaceful sanctuary, created with quality at top of mind. Modern, spacious, light-filled bathrooms with floor to ceiling tiles, luxury fittings, custom-built timber veneered vanities and shaving cabinets, and generous storage all create an idyllic, sophisticated space to enjoy time and again.

Designed to make every day memorable, Primrose35 is a rare opportunity to choose quality daily and live an opulent lifestyle. If you’re interested in viewing the floor plans of the apartments, booking a tour of 35 Primrose St, or finding out more about Primrose35, contact Patrick Hunt from Indigo Building Group on 0400 332 274 or