More and more homebuyers prefer the relaxed and wholesome lifestyle in the suburbs to the hectic life in the city. Sherwood is one of Brisbane’s top communities offering diverse and luxurious housing options. It is also ideally situated – about 15 minutes drives to and from CBD.

Daily commutes are one of the realities of living in the comforts of the suburbs. A long ride before work can be tiring, draining you before you even start your day. However, with the right attitude and preparation, commutes can be productive, fun and interesting.

Plan the Day Ahead

1 plan ahead

Commuting to work is also one of your most alert and awake moments. Take the opportunity to mentally plan your day ahead. Planning ahead will pump you up for the day and get more things done. Take your productivity to the next level by starting work while you’re still on your way. Make short calls to your associates, assistant or managers. Just make sure to hook on your hands-free phone option when you’re driving.

Have a Commute Buddy

2 carpool

Travel time wouldn’t seem too stretched with the right company. Driving or travelling with somebody you like means you have someone to talk to or take turns driving with. You can even allow some time to drive by for some coffee of quick breakfast. If you can’t find a travel buddy, organise a carpool. This is one way of meeting new friends from your community, having fun and interesting drives and at the same time saving up gas money for your commute.

Plan and Prepare

3 plan

Planning and preparing for the commute will make it less of a hassle. Know the routes, traffic rules applicable the usual traffic situation. Dress accordingly. If you’re driving, you may want to bring along driving shoes and just slip on your heels when you get to work. Taking the trains? If the morning commute is too crowded, wear something light or bring a change of clothes. Quickly check the car for road-worthiness. Create a playlist of your favourite songs. Eat, make sure you’re not hungry for the entire duration of the trip. Always allot time for minor traffic delays, thus avoiding frustrations and traffic stress.

Vary your Routes

4 detour

You don’t have to take the same route day in and day out. Find alternate roads and take them at your whim – going home at night, when you’re especially early or when the weather is especially great. Detour to enjoy different views or when you want to extend your alone time. Reserve the main and shortest route for late mornings or really busy days.

Make it your “Me Time”

5 me time

Busy professionals and entrepreneurs will appreciate any downtime opportunity they can get. Daily commute is one of them. Instead of focusing on the time ‘wasted’ while copped up in your car or in the bus, take it as your precious ‘me time’ and just enjoy the ride. Indulge in your favourite music, call your parents or spend it as your time to unplug. Let the minutes of your commute span be your cocoon or buffer between home life and work setting.

Choose your Means of Commuting

6 commute means

Sherwood is just 15 minutes or so from Brisbane CBD. The proximity gives you several commute options. If you prefer to sit back and relax, you can take the bus. Others will want to enjoy the privacy of their car just so they can indulge in their favourite music and turning up the volume. Half an hour or so of cycling to work will be a great alternative for fitness enthusiasts. You can also alternate your commute options according to your mood, the weather or your schedule situation.