More millennials own Sherwood apartments more than any other age groups. Millennials or the group of people with ages ranging from 18 to mid-30s are the most influential and significant group of today. They are the trendsetters and the most dynamic consumers. Millennials are so diverse. The age group includes the most successful tech giants, the biggest spenders and the non-savers. They prefer to travel than own a car. They buy less but more expensive things.

Millennials are also into home-buying. But because of the steep prices and down payment required, they are more cautious and smart when signing contracts. Here are the most notable millennial home buying trends;

Smaller and simpler homes

small apartment

The small house movement has really caught on. More and more people are downsizing, choosing to live simpler lifestyles. While not everyone will go to the one-room extremes, the average size of houses sold has significantly gone down. Open layouts and multi-purpose rooms are in, extra bedrooms and music rooms are out. Millennials also prefer minimalist and streamlined designs – neutral tones, clean lines and minimal furnishings. Gone are the bright, excessive and elaborate beautifications and decors.

Technologically enhanced homes

small home office

With their daily lives largely revolving online, lack of or a bad internet connection is a deal breaker. No internet, no deal. Aside from constant and reliable internet connection, millennials also put importance on home features that support the technological lifestyle. A home office, power outlets and Wi-Fi installations are important to millennial buyers.

Convenience is important

millennials in apartment

An easy and convenient lifestyle is still a top consideration. Millennials are buying homes that are accessible, located near basic facilities and require minimal maintenance work. They are appreciative of home services like cleaners and repairs. Millennials lead active lifestyles. They don’t have time to repair roofs, cook six-course dinners or clean carpets. They would much rather spend their time and energy in travel or exercising.

Leaving the city behind

man on a bicycle

Looks like the bright city lights no longer hold so much sparkle and allure to the younger home buyers. Less and fewer millennials prefer the dynamic lifestyle of the city. Technological advancements have also changed the working scene, breaking the long-established physical office arrangements. Options to work from home has opened the freedom of living away from central business hubs.

Less outdoor space

apartment balcony with garden

Large and spacious yards are no longer valued as they were before. Millennials do not crave for large gardens, their own swimming pools and extravagant backyards. They only see large and landscaped lawns as an extra work. What they want are large windows with great views, pocket gardens and indoor gyms.

Value wise

house and dollar scale

Millennials are wiser and more careful with their money. The competition is fiercer and it is harder to make a living. Millennials also value experience more than material things. Thus, every buy is important and much thought of. A millennial will much prefer a good-sized Sherwood apartment more than a large renovated Queenslander. They will buy a practical car rather than prestige cars. They also appreciate the grand and finer things, but will only buy them when they could really afford it.

Environmentally friendly features

solar panels

Most of the younger generation would want to make a difference in this world. They are environmentally aware and are willing to do their share of caring. Green choices like solar panels, green water systems, and energy-efficient designs are favoured.

Most of the newest Sherwood apartments were designed for today’s home needs. Apartments offer the perfect solution to the growing trend of smart housing. Well sized, efficient and convenient homes that cater to the needs of the residents. Homes have evolved from being prestige properties and investments, where larger and more expensive buys are better. Homes are now considered what they are built to be – a comfortable space, a smart and functional dwelling and a private place you can call your own.