Is it Better to Buy New or Pre-Owned Apartments Units?

04 Nov 2016 |

Brisbane apartments are great investments. Apartments are more affordable, centrally located and easy-to-manage properties. For these reasons first time home buyers and property investors prefer apartments. But is it better to buy older, more established pre-owned Brisbane apartment units? Or are the modern units in new buildings the better choice? The suburban apartments in Sherwood…

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Millennials are looking to the Suburbs

16 Oct 2016 |

More millennials own Sherwood apartments more than any other age groups. Millennials or the group of people with ages ranging from 18 to mid-30s are the most influential and significant group of today. They are the trendsetters and the most dynamic consumers. Millennials are so diverse. The age group includes the most successful tech giants,…

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Suburb VS City Living, the Great Debate

28 Sep 2016 |

The modern apartments of Sherwood seem to answer all the dilemma in picking your new home. There a lot to factor in the home buying decision. Before you think of the home style or tackle which shade of wall paints best complements your curtains, you first have to determine the location. The location of your…

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Make your Daily Commute Fun and Productive

01 Sep 2016 |

More and more homebuyers prefer the relaxed and wholesome lifestyle in the suburbs to the hectic life in the city. Sherwood is one of Brisbane’s top communities offering diverse and luxurious housing options. It is also ideally situated – about 15 minutes drives to and from CBD. Daily commutes are one of the realities of…

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10 Perks Of Raising Your Family In The Suburbs

23 Jul 2016 |

Deciding where to settle and raise your family is a big decision to make. Both the city lifestyle and living in a Brisbane suburb have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing which is better for your family can be difficult. It is best to consider all the factors, including the ideal home size for your family, your…

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Benefits In Buying In Brisbane. Featured Suburb: Sherwood1

20 Jun 2016 |

Brisbane is a dynamic city, offering a highly diverse lifestyle, opportunities, and an iridescent culture to its residents. It is also a city of great real estate prospects. One of the benefits of buying in Brisbane is the variety of housing options offered by its many suburbs. Communities are unique, opportunities are different, and the…

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