Reasons why Young Families are Choosing to Live in Apartments

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Modern and sleek Sherwood apartments offer a pleasant contrast to the suburb’s renowned grand Queenslanders. It is an Australian thing to raise young children in a proper house. That means a house in the suburb with at least three bedrooms, a fence, a larger backyard, pets and a pool maybe. However, the needs and lifestyle of today’s young families are not as compatible with the idyllic child-rearing typical a decade ago. Today’s families are smaller, childrearing is more involved and complicated and their lifestyle more dynamic. They need a home that will sustain and support their lifestyle.

The trend of young families choosing to live in apartments have notably increased over the last decade. Here are the top reasons why families are moving high and up!

1. Location


Apartments are centrally located, near businesses, facilities, parks, entertainment and conveniences. Young families have to be near schools, supermarkets, parks, family centres and workplaces. Choosing to live in an apartment means not having to pick whether to live near schools or the office.

2. Amenities


Apartments come with several in-house facilities open to its residents. Most apartment buildings feature gyms, pools, business and community centres. The more modern midrise apartments built specifically for young families usually include a day care facilities, indoor and/or outdoor play centres.

3. Security


Apartment buildings have enhanced security features that include security personnel on site, security cameras, secured parking and entrances and sophisticated locks for individual units. Most Sherwood apartments are equipped with state-of-the-art security features not normally afforded by standalone home owners.

4. Downsized Simplicity


It is very easy to accumulate things and stuff for the house when you have the room for it. Having a house means you also must decorate and furnish all its rooms. The limited space of an apartment home effectively prevents accumulation of unnecessary things, and help focus on the more important things in life like better education for the children, more time and funds for travel and experiences.

5. Close Community

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The proximity of living makes your apartment neighbours and staff more like extended family members. The handful of residents will most often bump into each other in the common areas – the elevators, the hallways, the parking lot or in the fitness room. The gardener, the doorman and the others kids become daily fixtures, people who you and your child know and are friends with.

6. Affordability

Happy couple checking their home finances

Apartments are generally more affordable than single family homes. Young families are more likely to afford to buy an apartment than a house. And with less mortgage to think of, families are better able to manage their budget and build up savings.

7. Less Housework


Parents with young children are the busiest. With a career or business to grow, children to care for and the countless other things to attend to; housework is usually the last in their minds. Living in an apartment means no yard work, no roof maintenance, no fences to fix and fewer rooms to clean. And more quality time to spend with the family.

The newest Sherwood apartments were designed for today’s family home needs. With young and growing families in mind, the suburb offers facilities like schools, day care centres, parks and a child-friendly community. Families living in Sherwood apartments do not have yards to maintain – they enjoy the nearby parks. They don’t need extra rooms to destress – they are not stressed out from long commutes and financial worries. They have found a home and a smart lifestyle fitting for the families of today.

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