The modern apartments of Sherwood seem to answer all the dilemma in picking your new home. There a lot to factor in the home buying decision. Before you think of the home style or tackle which shade of wall paints best complements your curtains, you first have to determine the location. The location of your new home should be decided on according to your needs, lifestyle and status in life. Singles would usually prefer the dynamic and downsized living in the city. While young families choose the more sedate and child-friendly suburban communities.

Apartments in a suburban community are often larger in size but offer the same managed and comfortable accommodations as those of a city apartment. At the same time, residents get to enjoy the more relaxed and healthier environment of the suburbs.

Six Factors that Matter

Cost and Value Appreciation


Real properties in the city are generally more expensive, making it harder for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder. Landed properties in the city are premium and are likely to maintain and increase in value. Apartments are also in demand but depreciate in value as the building ages.

Suburban housing is more affordable compared to the city. For the same price, properties are better, bigger or newer outside the city than those in it. First-time homebuyers can start with a smallish house in the suburbs. And as the area gets developed, property value increase is quickest in the middle and inner suburbs.

Access and Mobility


You will find a supermarket every few blocks in the city. Restaurants, cafes, hospitals and schools are also within easy reach. The high density living in the city makes everything accessible. One can easily walk or cycle the few blocks to the park, the nearest deli or workplace. If one needs to be at the other side of the city, mobility is aided by trains or subway and plenty of strategically plying buses.


It is usually a challenge to find a suburban community that offers most, if not all necessary facilities. Driving is mostly necessary to reach key facilities conveniently. Sherwood is one example of a complete suburban community – schools, parks, shops and top-notch health care facilities are all within easy reach.

Cost of Living


City living is expensive. Everything is dearer in the city compared to the same in suburban communities. Produce, services, food and entertainment cost more. There are also little opportunity to cultivate a garden and grow your own food.


Living in the suburbs is more affordable compared to living in the city. The countryside offers a lot of opportunities to save. Gardening and growing one’s own food is an option. Fresh produce, property tax rates, services and entertainment possibilities are also a lot cheaper. Parking is free.

Healthier Lifestyle


The city offers ample opportunities to keep fit. Walking and cycling around is much preferred than driving. People would often walk from home to work, stroll around the city, go out to grab coffee or dinner, visit museums and enjoy relaxing time at the park. City residents also have the ultimate choices on food – everything is available. And the easy access to health care facilities also affords them the best health care.


The suburban lifestyle is laid back and more relaxed. The fresh air and wide outdoors encourage residents to get out and be more active. Proximity to the farms also affords suburbanites lots of fresh produce. Sherwood offers a lot of opportunities for its residents to enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle. Favourite activities include picnicking at the park, strolls around the neighbourhood, exploring the countryside and water sports.

This is a good debate point. Although the environment contributes a lot to your fitness, the ultimate decision to be healthy lies on the individual.

Living Space and Comfort

Interior decor of penthouse in New York City

Apartments are the popular housing type in the city. Common living amenities like gyms, swimming pools, gardens, and day care centre and concierge services are usually available in the building. The arrangements give residents utmost comfort and ease. The most common challenge to city living is the cramped or limited living space. Apartments usually come with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bath and a multi-purpose room.


Homes are generally larger outside the city than those in it. Average houses include three or four spacious bedrooms, multiple ensuite baths, hobby rooms, entertainment rooms, a study room or home office, wide verandahs and full kitchens. Aside from bigger houses, suburban homeowners also enjoy bigger grounds – fences, yards, gardens and their own private pools are common in the suburbs. Sherwood is home to stately Queenslanders and modern homes. For those who prefer the compact comforts of apartments, the community also has midrise apartments that offer the same convenience and comforts or city apartments but are a lot bigger and roomier.

Entertainment and Activities


There are a million things you can do in the city. From sedate undertakings like visiting museums, watching a movie or a play or a leisurely stroll at the park to more strenuous activities like cycling around the city, kayaking or indoor wall climbing. You can go bar-hopping and partying or go to the library for the latest publications. The city will never bore you, you’ll just have to be prepared to pay for gears or entrance fees.


The suburban lifestyle is a lot more relaxed, but in means boring. Suburbanites enjoy hikes, picnics, barbeque parties and a host of water activities. Children can play outdoors, explore parks and trails and cycle around the neighbourhood with friends. The best thing about is it that everything is free. Chic restaurants and bars are nearby for night outs. And Sherwood apartments are also big enough for house parties.