The Ups and Downs of Apartment Living


Apartments in Brisbane are mostly concentrated in the CBD and its neighbouring communities. But with the more dynamic and smarter lifestyle of today, apartment living has already spread to the suburban areas. Quality apartments in Sherwood are sought after by families with young kids, retirees and yuppies working in the CBD. Combining the relaxed ambience of the suburban and the modern convenience of apartment living makes a lot of sense. The laidback lifestyle of Sherwood is reflected in the relaxed apartment restrictions, family friendly amenities, location and features.

Advantages of Apartment Living

Best location

You can expect the best apartments in Sherwood to be in the best neighbourhoods. The location is one of the top apartment selling points. Close to amenities, schools, shopping hubs and entertainment. If you want the be centrally located without having to shell out a huge amount of money for a house, an apartment is your best option.


Minimal maintenance work

Yard work, roof repairs, grounds maintenance and renovations are part and parcel of owning a house. House owners are responsible for the upkeep of their property. Apartments offer a more convenient living solution to people who hates the hard and burdensome work of maintaining a house. Repairs, renovations and cleaning outside of individual units are all taken care of the building administrators.


Comes with great amenities

Apartments in Brisbane come with great amenities for its residents to enjoy. It’s like having your own pool, gym, car wash bay, a spa, a business centre or a play centre without the expense and responsibility for its upkeep. Sherwood apartments feature amenities that are family friendly and designed to complement the suburban lifestyle.


Affordable housing option

Land and home packages in Brisbane’s premier suburbs are great investments and real also outrageously expensive. Apartments offer a housing option that is a lot more affordable, convenient and comfortable.


Enhanced security features

Apartment buildings have security features designed to keep residents safe. Installed with security cameras, state-of-the-art lock and entry system and even security personnel, apartments are the safest homes even for the most vulnerable like retirees, singles living alone and young families.


Common Challenges of Apartment Living

Too close for comfort

You might encounter your neighbour a little too often in the hallway, the elevator or at the pool area. You might overhear the party next door or get annoyed with the neighbour’s dog badgering your cat.


Limited living space

What if you have another baby, or if you suddenly need a home office or maybe want a guest room? Chances are, you would have to manage the space you have. Unlike when you own a house where you can just add another room or another floor up, there is no room for extensions or structural renovations in apartment buildings.


Living restrictions could apply

Most apartments in Brisbane have a set of bylaws and restrictions to be followed by all its residents. Some apartment building prohibits young kids, pets and certain activities like partying, loud noises and barbeques.


Continuous amenities and maintenance fees

To cover the maintenance work, repairs, cleaning and security expenses, building residents have to contribute a certain amount of money as apartment fees. The amount is agreed upon and is usually collected monthly. Other contributions might also be collected to cover major expenditures such as roof replacement, fencing and other big expensive projects.


Apartment living is not for everybody. While many will put a lot of importance on the advantages, some will find the challenges non-negotiable. Space restriction is the most significant challenge to apartment dwellers. To address this, many Sherwood apartments are designed with bigger living space and with a modern fluid style that enhances space efficiency. Aside from larger unit sizes, ample common areas and generous balconies are included for additional living spaces.

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